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Basic Information on mossen

Task: mossen
Purpose: Determine the rms and gain in a mosaiced image.
Categories: map combination

        MOSSEN determines the rms and gain of a mosaiced image.  Both
        of these parameters are a function of position (and also mildly
        frequency dependent).

Key: in
        The input map of interest. No default.

Key: region
        The standard region of interest parameter, giving the region
        where the sensitivity function is to be determined. The default
        is the entire input image.

Key: sen
        The output image giving the rms as a function of position.
        The default is that this image is not created.

Key: gain
        The output image giving the gain to a unit point source as a
        function of position. To avoid noise amplification at the
        edge of mosaiced regions, Miriad does not normally totally
        correct for the primary beam beyond a certain point. The default
        is that no gain image is formed.
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