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Basic Information on offpol

Task: offpol
Purpose: Generate ATCA primary beam polarimetric response.
Categories: utility

        OFFPOL generates images of the primary beam response (both total
        intensity and polarimetric) of the ATCA antennas.  It performs a
        simple simulation of an observation.

Key: out
        Output name template.  No default.

Key: imsize
        Two values, the image size.  Second value defaults to first.
        Default 255.

Key: cell
        Two values, the image cell size in RA and Dec, in arcsec.
        Second value defaults to first.  Each defaults separately to
        twice the primary beam FWHM divided by imsize.

Key: ra
        Right ascension of the field centre.  (Used solely for setting
        the output header, it has no effect on the computation.)
        Default 0.

Key: dec
        Declination of the field centre.  Default -45 deg.

Key: harange
        Hour angle range to simulate - the start and end hour angles,
        and the simulation step size.  The default is to simulate a
        snapshot at 0 hours.  The default step size is 0.1 hours
        (6 min) which might be inadequate for sources with a declination
        near -30 deg.

Key: freq
        Frequency of interest (GHz).  The default is 1.384 GHz.

Key: options
        Task enrichment parameters. Several can be given.
          raw      Generate images of the XX,YY,XY and YX responses,
                   rather than the Stokes responses.
          subtract Subtract off the circularly symmetric portion of the
                   primary beam response from I, XX and YY responses.
          new16    Use the measured patterns for 16cm, these have some
                   obvious flaws but may give a better indication of the
                   current instrumental polaristion
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