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Basic Information on pbplot

Task: pbplot
Purpose: Plot primary beam shapes.
Categories: utility

        PBPLOT plots the primary beam function.

Key: telescop
        Used to determine the type of the primary beam.  Several values
        can be given.  Normally this will simply be a telescope name.

Key: freq
        Frequency at which to determine the primary beam, in GHz.
        Default is 1.4 GHz.

Key: bw
        Bandwidth, in GHz.  The response is averaged over the bandwidth.
        The default is 0. An optional second parameter specifies how
        many intervals in frequency to use for the average. The default
        for this is 10. Steps may be visible at the edge of the beam.

Key: options
        Extra processing options:
          derivative  Plot the derivative with frequency of the primary
                      beam (rather than the normal primary beam).
          alpha       Plot the spectral index of the beam
          frequency   Plot the effective frequency. This is only
                      useful for non zero bw.

Key: device
        PGPLOT device.  Default is no plot.

Key: log
        Log file for listing.  Default is no log file.
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