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Basic Information on planets

Task: planets
Purpose: Print ephemerides of planets and the Sun.
Categories: utility

        PLANETS is a MIRIAD task to report some parameters on solar system
        objects. An approximate builtin ephemeris is also available.

Key: source
        This can be "sun" or the name of a major planet (excluding the Earth).
        Some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are also recognized, the parent
        planet will remain to control the output, but an additional line will
        report the diameter of that moon.
        No default.

Key: epoch
        The time (UTC) for which information is required, in standard
        Miriad time format (yymmmdd.ddd or yymmmdd:hh:mm:ss.s).
        For example 11DEC25:18:02:01.2
        No default.

Key: telescop
        The name of an observatory used in computing rise and set times.
        The default is not to compute these. See telepar for a list of
        observatories that Miriad knows about.

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