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Basic Information on plboot

Task: plboot
Purpose: Set the flux scale of a visibility dataset given a planet obs.
Categories: calibration

        PlBoot is a MIRIAD program which corrects the flux scale in
        visibility datasets. In doing this, it assumes that the flux
        scale is out by a constant factor. PlBoot looks for observations
        of planets, and given its model of the planetary visibility
        function, it computes the factor needed to correct the dataset's
        flux scale.
        To fix the flux scale, PlBoot modifies calibration tables attached
        to each dataset.

Key: vis
        Input visibility datasets. Several datasets can be given (wildcards
        are supported). The datasets should include observations of a planet.

Key: select
        Normal uv-selection parameter. This selects the data in the input
        datasets to analyse. See the help on ``select'' for more information.
        plboot will use any data that has a source name which it recognises
        as a planet. You may wish to select just the shortest spacing, where
        the planet is strongest.

Key: device
        PGPLOT device to plot the planet model data as well as the visibility
        data. The default is to not produce a plot.

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several can be given, separated by commas.
          vector  Use the real part (rather than amplitude) of the data and
                  model. This option should be used if the visibility data are
                  phase calibrated
          noapply Do not apply the scale factor (just evaluate it).
          nofqav  When dealing with amplitude data, PLBOOT normally
                  averaging in frequency first, to avoid noise
                  biases. The nofqav disables this averaging.

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