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Basic Information on plplt

Task: plplt
Purpose: Plot the visibility function for a planet
Categories: uv analysis

        PLPLOT plots the visibility function of a planet at a particular
        epoch. This models the planet as a spherical black body with
        some brightness temperature.

Key: source
        This gives the name of a planet. No default.

Key: epoch
        This gives the time of the observation, in Miriad's standard
        date format. No default.

Key: device
        PGPLOT plotting device. No default.

Key: freq
        Observing frequency, in GHz. The default is 22 GHz.

Key: pltb
        The brightness temperature of the planet, in Kelvins.
        The default depends on the planet and the observing frequency.

Key: uvrange
        The range of baseline lengths to plot over. The baseline
        length is given in metres. The default is 0 to 3000 metres.

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