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Basic Information on specshift

Task: specshift
Purpose: shift velocity profiles
Categories: analysis

        SPECSHIFT shifts all spectra in a cube according to a 2-D
        template (a velocity field).  The velocity of the template is
        made the central pixel of the spectrum.  If the template is
        blanked or out-of-range the spectrum is unchanged.  Based on
        Bart Wakker's HANNING.

Key: in
         The input data cube.  No default.

Key: tin
         The template image, should be 2-D with same RA/DEC axes as the
         input cube.

Key: out
         The output image.  No default.

Key: region
         The region of the input cube to modify.  Default is the whole

Key: refpix
         The velocity pixel which will be assigned to the template
         velocity.  Default is the middle pixel of the v-range.

Key: options
         doblank    Don't wrap profile around; blank if out of range.
                    By default the edge channels are assumed to be
                    noise so the profile is wrapped when shifting
                    beyond edges.
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