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Basic Information on stokes

Key: stokes
	This keyword specifies the Stokes/polarisations parameters that
	are to be processed. Tasks which use this keyword can usually convert
	raw polarisations to Stokes parameters (but not the other way).
	Generally several values can be given, separated by commas.
	Possible values are:
	  For raw linear polarisations:             xx,yy,xy,yx
	  For raw circular polarisations:           rr,ll,rl,lr
	  For Stokes parameters:                    i,q,u,v
	  For Stokes I of an unpolarised source:    ii
	The "ii" form gives Stokes I, using the assumption that the
	source is unpolarised.

	There is an alternate way to specifiy the desired
	Stokes/polarisation data, using `select' (see the help on select).
	The `select' mechanism is rather different, and may be more or
	less appropriate to the job in hand.


	To process the 4 Stokes parameters:

	To process just the linear parallel hand polarisations:

	To process both the linear parallel hands, and Stokes I:

	NOTE: Some tasks restrict or prohibit the concurrent use of stokes
	and select=pol.

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