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Basic Information on tmgen

Task: tmgen
Purpose: Simulate a SMA polarimetric observation.
Categories: uv analysis, map making

        tmgen forms a visibility dataset which has some of the characteristics
        of an SMA polarimetric dataset. In particular it can optionally produce
        time-multiplexed polarization products and two-part, Nasmyth-like leakages.

Key: vis
        The input visibility dataset. No default. NOTE: For a number of the
        steps performed by this task, the input visibility dataset must
        have four simultaneous polarization correlations (e.g. XX, YY, XY, YX
        or RR, LL, RL, LR).

Key: out
        The output visibility dataset. No default.

Key: polar
        Polarization patterns for generating time shared polarization data.
        Up to MAXPOLAR=100 strings of the characters R and L, or X and Y,
        to represent the polarization of each antenna
        R, L (right and left circular polarization), X and Y (linear
        E.g. for 3 antennas, the polar=LLL,LRR,RRL,RLR cycles
        through all combinations of LCP and RCP for each baseline every
        4 integrations. The default is to not subset the data based
        on polarization.

Key: leakage
        Simulate polarimetric leakage. This parameter gives the leakage magnitude
        as a percent. Random leakages with this rms value are generated and
        applied to the data.

Key: options
        Extra processing options.
          nasmyth   Add an extra rotation to the polarisations that would result
                    from SMA-style Nasmyth receiver placement.

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