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Basic Information on tpcp

Task: tpcp
Purpose: Tape copy.
Categories: tools

tpcp is a utility to copy to or from a tape.

  tpcp [-b blocksize] in out

where in is the input, which may be either a disk file or a tape
device. Similarly out may be either a file or a tape device.

If the input is a file and the output is a tape device, the "-b"
flag should be used to set the block size of write operations.

  Tape-to-tape copy:    tpcp /dev/nrst0 /dev/nrst1
  Tape-to-disk copy:    tpcp /dev/nrst0 data.fits
  Disk-to-tape copy:    tpcp -b 2880 data.fits /dev/nrst0

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