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Basic Information on uvclip

Task: uvclip
Purpose: determine data to flag from channel-0 uv dataset
Categories: uv analysis

        UVCLIP flags UV channel 0 data set by statistical clipping

Key: vis
        The input UV dataset name. No default.

Key: select
        This selects the data to be processed, using the standard uvselect
        format. Default is all data.

Key: options
        noamp .... no visbility amplitude clipping
        notrip ... no triple visibility phase closure clipping
        doall .... include all data (flagged and unflagged)
        noapply .. do not apply flagging

Key: interval
        Data clipping interval in minutes. The maximum interval between
        data points for continuous clipping.  Must be greater than the
        integration time.  The default is infinite.

Key: clip
        Clipping level.  Number of rms beyond which data is flagged.
        Default is 3.

Key: log
        The list output file name. The default is the terminal.
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