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Basic Information on uvdflag

Task: uvdflag
Purpose: Flags a visibility dataset on uvdistance in klambda.
Categories: calibration

        UVZFLAG is a MIRIAD task which flags correlations in a
        visibility dataset the uvdistance is in a certain range.
        This task is needed because the standard uv select keyword
        only selects on the uv coordinates of the first channel.

Key: vis
        The input visibility datasets to be flagged. No default. Several
        datasets can be given. Wildcards are supported.

Key: select
        Normal visibility selection, which is applied to the template
        dataset. See the help on select for more information.

Key: uvrange
        Two values, giving the range of uv distances in klambda to flag.
        A single value will flag all correlations with larger uv distance.

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several can be given, separated by
        commas. Minimum match is supported. Possible values are:
          noapply Do not apply the flagging, just report the statistics
                  about what would be flagged.
          invert  Invert the selection - flag correlations outside the
                  specified uvrange
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