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Basic Information on uvfstats

Task: uvfstats
Purpose: Print flagging statistics.
Categories: calibration

        UVFSTATS prints statistics about flagged visibilities.

Key: vis
        Input visibility file. Several can be given. Wildcards are
        supported. No default.

Key: line
        Normal line parameter. The default is all channels.

Key: select
        Normal visibility selection parameter. The default is to select
        all visibilities.

Key: mode
        This determines what the flagging statitics are determined as
        a function of. Possible values are:
          stokes    Determine statistics by Stokes/pol'n parameter.
                    This is the default.
          overall   Give a single overall statistic.
          baseline  Determine statistics by baseline number.
          antenna   Determine statistics by antenna number.
          channel   Determine statistics by channel number.

Key: options
        Task enrichment parameters. Possible values are
          absolute  Give flagged correlations as an absolute number
                    rather than a percentage.
          unflagged Give statistics about the unflagged (rather than
                    flagged) correlations.

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