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Basic Information on uvglue

Task: uvglue
Purpose: glue channels together
Categories: calibration

      UVGLUE glues together individual multi-channel files into
      one mega-multi-channel file.
      The individual multi-channel files must be IDENTICAL except for
      the values and flags of the correlations.  I.e. they must have
      the same number of channels and the same preambles.
      For example, if we have 3 files names "vis_1", "vis_2" and
      "vis_3", where each file contains N  channels, then the output
      file will contain 3*N channels glued together in the order
      vis_1(1:N), vis_2(1:N), vis_3(1:N)
      The output contains only one spectral window with NFILES*N channels

Key: vis
        Root name of input visibility files.   Files must be named
        vis_i for the ith file.  No default. NOTE: any calibration
        tables present in the input datasets are NOT applied in
        forming the output.

Key: nfiles
        Number of file to read.

Key: out
        Output file name. No default

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