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Basic Information on uvindex

Task: uvindex
Purpose: Scan a uvdata file, and note when uvvariables change.
Categories: uv analysis, checking

        UVINDEX is a Miriad program which scans a uvdata file.
        Changes in source name, pointing center, number of wideband
        and spectral line channels, the observing frequency, and
        polarization are listed in the output.

Key: vis
        The input visibility file. No default.

Key: interval
        Reissue source information if no data for this period in minutes.
        The default is 60 minutes.

Key: log
        The output log file. Default is the terminal.

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Currently there is but one of these:
          mosaic  Do not generate messages for different pointings
                  of a mosaic.
  $Id: uvindex.for,v 1.7 2014/09/30 13:58:54 wie017 Exp $

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