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Basic Information on uvpit

Task: uvpit
Purpose: Fit polarisation of a time-varying point source.
Categories: uv analysis

        UVPIT is a Miriad task which fits visibility data with a time
        varying, polarised point source. Optionally the model or
        residual visibilities can be written out.
        This will work for datasets that contain either all four
        linear polarisations, or just the parallel hands.

Key: vis
        Name of the input visibility file. No default.

Key: line
        Normal line-type processing with normal defaults. However, you
        must select only a single channel!!

Key: select
        Normal data selection. Default is all cross-correlation data.

Key: flux
        Initial estimates of the I,Q,U,V flux densities. The default is

Key: offset
        Initial estimates of the source offset, in arcsec. The default is

Key: out
        The optional output data-set. The default is not to create an
        output data-set. If an output dataset name is given, then
        either the model or residual visibilities can be saved.

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several can be given, separated by commas.
        Minimum match is used. Possible values are:
          noqu     Do not attempt to solve for Stokes-Q and U.
          nov      Do not attempt to solve for Stokes-V. The default is
                   to attempt to solve for V if there are XY and YX
                   correlations present.
          noshift  Fix the source position.
          constant The source does not vary with time. The default is
                   to assume the source varies with time.
          residual The output data-set is the residual visibilities.
                   If an output is being created, the default is to make
                   this the fitted model.
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