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Basic Information on uvratio

Task: uvratio
Purpose: Determines the ratio of the XX to YY (or RR to LL) correlations.
Categories: uv analysis

        UVRATIO is a MIRIAD task which writes out a uv file, which is the
        ratio of the XX to YY correlations of the input visibility file.
        It can also find the ratio of RR and LL -- see option=circular.

Key: vis
        The names of the input uv data sets. No default.

Key: line
        Standard line-type parameters. Standard default.

Key: select
        The normal uv selection commands. Polarisation selection should
        not generally be used. Default is to select all data.

Key: out
        The name of the output uv data set, which is the ratio of the
        inputs. No default.

Key: options
        Program enrichment options. Several can be given, separated
        by commas. Minimum match is used
          "nopol"    Do not apply polarisation corrections.
          "nocal"    Do not apply calibration corrections.
          "nopass"   Do not apply bandpass corrections.
          "circular" Find the ratio for circulars. Default is for

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