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Basic Information on uvrot

Task: uvrot
Purpose: Rotate uv coordinates.
Categories: uv analysis

        uvrot rotates the uv coordinates of a Miriad dataset by a given

Key: vis
        The name of the input uv datasets. Several can be given
        Wildcards are supported. No default.

Key: out
        The name of the output uv data-set. There is no default name.

Key: select
        The normal uv selection commands. The default is to select everything.

Key: angle
        The angle to rotate the coordinates by, given in degrees. No default.

Key: options
        This gives extra processing options. Several options can be given,
        each separated by commas. They may be abbreviated to the minimum
        needed to avoid ambiguity. Possible options are:
           nocal       Do not apply the gains table.
           nopass      Do not apply bandpass corrections.
           nopol       Do not apply polarization corrections.

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