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Basic Information on uvstat

Task: uvstat
Purpose: plot uvdata statistics.
Categories: uv analysis, checking

        UVSTAT is a Miriad program to plot statistics of a visibility
        dataset. The default is to read through the selected data and plot
        the rms of each record.

Key: vis
        The input visibility file. No default.

Key: select
        This selects which visibilities to be used. Default is
        all visibilities. See the help on select for more information.

Key: line
        Normal visibility linetype specification. See the help on line
        for more information. The linetype is in the format
        where line can be `channel', `wide' or `velocity'.
        The default is all spectral channels.

Key: device
        PGPLOT device. No default.

Key: axis
        This gives the x and y axes to plot.
        The xaxis to plot can be "recnum", "time" or "uvdist".
        Default is "recnum".  The yaxis to plot can be "rms", "trms"
        (the theoretical rms) or "tsys". The default is "rms".

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several can be given, separated by
        commas. Minimum match applies. Possible options are:
          nocal   Do not apply antenna gain calibration. The default is to
                  apply these.
          nopol   Do not apply polarisation leakage correction. The default
                  is to apply any leakage corrections present.
          nopass  Do no apply bandpass calibration. The default is to apply
                  bandpass calibration if possible.

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