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Basic Information on uvtcor

Task: uvtcor
Purpose: Redo the Tsys correction, using a median smoothed Tsys curve
Categories: calibration

      UVTCOR redoes the Tsys correction by constructing a median
      smoothed Tsys curve for each specified mosaiced field,
      polarization, antenna and frequency.

Key: vis
        Input visibility file. No default.

Key: out
        Output visibility file.  No default.

Key: freq
        Band centre frequencies of interest in MHz. No default.

Key: source
        Root name of mosaiced field.  E.g. "cena_" with fields like
        cena_1, cena_12  etc.  No default.

Key: fields
        Integer range of fields such as 1,20  No default.

Key: device
        PGPLOT device.  No default.

Key: options
        tsysm   means when undoing the Tsys correction, use the "xtsysm"
          and "ytsysm" variables instead of "xtsys" and "ytsys".  This
          would be appropriate if you have already run UVTCOR once, and
          want to redo something.  It will always median smooth the
          "xtsys"  and "ytsys" variables
        first   means automatically edit out the first cycle of each
          visit to each field before determining the median Tsys curve

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