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Basic Information on uvwide

Task: uvwide
Purpose: recompute wide band from narrow band
Categories: uv-data

      PROGRAM uvwide
      UVWIDE is a Hat Creek specific MIRIAD task which allows you to
      recompute the wide band data from the narrow band data. It is
      assumed the first two wide band channels are the digital wide
      band derived from the narrow band data (LSB and USB).
      It is also possible to reset the narrow band flags, based
      on the wide band flags, and vice versa.

Key: vis
      The name of the input visibility dataset.
      No default.

Key: out
      The name of the recomputed output visibility dataset. If no dataset
      given, program will flag the wideband flags based on all the  narrow
      Default: none.

Key: reset
      A logical that describes whether or not all wideband data is
      recomputed. By default (reset=true), all wideband data is recomputed
      regardless of the value of the previously existing wideband flags;
      otherwise (reset=false), only wideband data with valid flags are
      recomputed (i.e. data flagged bad are simply copied).
      Default: true.

Key: narrow
      A logical that describes if the narrow band data need to be
      re-flagged, based on existing wide band flags. If set, the narrow
      band flags that belong to a flagged wide band flag, are flagged.
      Default: false.

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