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Basic Information on velcolor

Task: velcolor
Purpose: Make an RGB image cube to display velocity as color.
Categories: image analysis

        VELCOLOR makes a three-plane, red-green-blue, Miriad image cube
        that can be used to generate a colour display of the third axis
        of a data cube, typically velocity.  The RGB planes must be
        superposed in a suitable viewer.
        The algorithm weights the channels so that the apparent
        intensity of the superposed RGB planes is independent of color.
        For more details see Heiles & Jenkins (1976), A&A, 46, 33.

Key: in
        The input image.  No default.

Key: region
        The region of the input image to be used.  The 3rd axis region
        determines the range from blue to red.  See documentation on
        region for help of how to specify this.  Only the bounding box
        is supported.

Key: pivot
        Center channel of input image for output green image.
        Default is 0.4*trc+0.6*blc

Key: out
        The output RGB cube.  No default.

Key: clip
        Two values.  Exclude pixels with values in the range clip(1) to
        clip(2).  If only one value is given, then exclude -abs(clip) to
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