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Miriad is a radio interferometry data reduction package of particular interest to users of the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). It can be used for the reduction of continuum and spectral line observations from beginning to end, starting with the loading of the data (either FITS, the ATNF RPFITS or old BIMA formats) through to image synthesis, analysis and display with publication quality graphics.

In particular Miriad supports a number of niche areas including calibration and analysis of polarimetric data from the ATCA, multi-frequency synthesis imaging, mosaicing, ATCA pulsar bin mode, and specialized spectral line observations (e.g. Zeeman).

Citing Miriad

Please cite the following paper if you use Miriad in your work:

  • "A retrospective view of Miriad", by Sault R.J., Teuben P.J., & Wright M.C.H., 1995. In Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV, ed. R. Shaw, H.E. Payne, J.J.E. Hayes, ASP Conference Series, 77, 433-436.

Miriad software and documentation are distributed under the GNU General Public License from the Miriad ftp area,

Send questions, comments, and bug reports concerning Miriad to

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