UV Variables

A Miriad uv dataset is composed of a collection of items and `u-v variables'. The variables are parameters that are known at the time of the observation, and include measured data, and the description of the observation set up (e.g. correlator set up and observing centres).

Table B.1 gives a list of the items that are used to build up a Miriad uv dataset.

Table: Miriad items in a uv visibility dataset
Item name Type Description
obstype ascii value: `cross', `auto' or `mixed'
history text history text file (in principle editable)
vartable text lookup table for all uv variables (do not edit!)
visdata mixed data stream of uv variables
flags integer optional flags for narrowband data
wflags integer optional flags for wideband data
gains mixed antenna gain table
nfeeds integer number of feeds on each antenna
ntau integer Number of delay/spectral index terms per antenna
    in `gains'
nsols integer number of records in `gains'
ngains integer number of antenna gains in each record of `gains'
interval double gain interpolation time tolerance (days)
leakage complex polarization leakage parameters
freq0 double reference frequency for delay terms
freqs mixed frequency set up description table for `bandpass'
bandpass complex bandpass function gains
nspect0 integer number of windows in the bandpass function
nchan0 integer total number of channels in the bandpass function

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