Code History

All source code files should contain comments (near the start of the file) describing the creation and modification history. This is quite important in the Miriad development environment, where programs are spread across many computers and programmers are separated by many miles.

Below are typical history comments (taken from the ``key'' routines, subroutine key.for):

c  The key routines provide keyword-oriented access to the command line.
c  History:
c    rjs    6jun87    Original version.
c    bs     7oct88    Converted it to use iargc and getarg. Added -f flag.
c    rjs    8sep89    Improved documentation.
c    nebk  10sep89    Added mkeyr.  I think rjs will not like it (Too right!).
c    rjs   19oct89    Major rewrite to handle @ files.
c    rjs   15nov89    Added keyf routine, and did the rework needed to support
c                     this. Added mkeyf. Modified mkeyr.
c    pjt   26mar90    Added mkeya. like mkeyr (again, bobs will not like this)
c    pjt   10apr90    some more verbose bug calls.
c    rjs   23apr90    Made pjt's last changes into standard FORTRAN (so the
c                     Cray will accept it).
c    pjt   10may90    Make it remember the programname in keyini (se key.h)
c                     for bug calls - introduced progname
c    rjs   22oct90    Check for buffer overflow in keyini.
c    pjt   21jan90    Added mkeyi, variable index is now idx, exp is expd

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