Maximum entropy algorithms tend to be less robust and harder to drive than CLEAN algorithms. The quality of the maximum entropy solution can depend very strongly on the rms and flux parameters - these parameters should be set with some care, or some experimentation may be necessary.

Various parameters to the task maxen are described below:

map=vela.imap Dirty image
beam=vela.ibem Dirty beam
model An initial solution solution - generally unset
default The image that the solution should tend
  towards - generally unset
out=vela.ivm Output dataset
niters=20 Maximum number of iterations
region= Region to be deconvolved
measure Leaving unset gives you the Gull measure
flux= Total source flux - give some value
rms= Rms noise in the dirty image - IMPORTANT!
q= AN estimate of the value of the beams main lobe.

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