Restoring an image

Having produced a model of the sky with either clean, maxen or mfclean, you will probably want to use restor to convolve this with a Gaussian CLEAN beam (restoring beam) and add the remaining residuals. For models produced by mfclean, restor convolves only the intensity (I) plane with the CLEAN beam, although it does use the $I\alpha$ plane when determining the residuals.

Having the restoration as a separate step does have some flexibility advantage, but the user then has to run another task to produce the final image. Task restor optionally fits the dirty beam with a Gaussian CLEAN beam, and then either produces a restored image or, alternatively, a residual image. There are a few other possibilities, but these are less common. The inputs to restor are:

Typical inputs are given below:

map=vela.imap Dirty image
beam=vela.ibem Dirty beam
model=vela.icmp Component image produced by CLEAN
out=vela.icln Output restored image (or residuals)
mode Leave unset to get restored image
fwhm Beam size - Leave unset to let restor
  fit it
pa Leave unset to let restor fit it

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