Summary of miriad commands

Table 2.2: Miriad shell command overview
Command Syntax Comments
= key = value assignment (see also SET)
cd cd directory change directory
er er key command line editing of a parameter.
exit exit exit miriad, and save parameters in lastexit
go go [-b] [taskname] start up task
help help [-w] [taskname] [-k key] on line help on task
inp inp [taskname] overview inputs
source source cmdfile read commands from a command file
load load [keyfile] load task parameters from keyword file
quit quit quit miriad, and does not save lastexit
save save [keyfile] save task parameters to keyfile
set set key value assigment
setenv setenv var value set an environment variable
task task taskname set new default taskname
tget tget [-l] [taskname] load parameters for a particular task
tput tput [-l] [taskname] save parameters for a particular task
unset unset key1 key2 .... unset variables (blank them)
unsetenv unsetenv var unset an environment variable
view view [taskname] edit task parameters in a keyfile

Table 2.3: Miriad Environment Variables
Environment Variable Comments
VISUAL Editor for editing keyword files and bug reports.
EDITOR Editor for editing keyword files and bug reports.
MIRPAGER Web browser or pager for reading help documents
PAGER Pager for reading documents
MIRDEF Directory for keyword files
TMPDIR Directory for scratch files (see Section  4.3).

Miriad manager