On-the-Fly Calibration Correction

Many tasks will apply calibration corrections `on-the-fly'. This means that often there is no need to form a calibrated dataset. Normally this calibration correction step is performed by default. However, the correction stage can be disabled using some fairly standard switches in the options parameter. These switches are:

Do not apply antenna gain and delay corrections.
Do not apply polarisation leakage corrections.
Do not apply bandpass function corrections.

For example, to disable gain and bandpass correction in uvspec, use:

     % uvspec options=nopass,nocal

It is always possible to form a calibrated dataset by using either of the visibility copying tasks (uvcat or uvaver). Whether or not you choose to do this may be often a matter of personal taste. However there are three VERY important situations where you should form a calibrated copy of your dataset (i.e. where `on-the-fly' calibration is inadequate).

Miriad manager