General Miriad Flagging - UVFLAG

In uvflag, you use the standard selection keywords to select visibilities, or parts of visibilities for flagging. The main keywords are select and line. uvflag can also be used to unflag correlations, and to list the correlations that meet the selection criteria without actually flagging the data. There is a keyword, edge, that provides a way to select the same group of channels in spectral-windows (IFs). This cannot be done with the standard line and select keywords owing to the way spectral-windows are stored (for more information, issue the command help windows). Read the uvflag help file if you need this facility. It is unlikely that you will.

The following example flags some correlations between 1 and 2 hours on all days involving all baselines with antenna 6 in channel 25 for all polarizations and spectral-window (IF) 1.

vis=vela.line Specify visibility dataset
select=ant(6),time(1:00,2:00),win(1) Select correlations
line=channel,1,25,1 Select channel
flagval=flag Flag selected correlations
options=brief Summarise what happened
options=noapply Summarise what could happen
log Unset to report information to screen

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