ASKAP Early Science Cosmology Survey, June 2018
The culmination of the early science program on (ASKAP?) Array Release 2 is a large-area survey dubbed the cosmology survey, as it is intended to test the idea that key parameters of our cosmological models (our understanding of how the universe formed and expanded to the state we find it in today) can be improved by studying the statistical properties of large numbers of galaxies. Read more

This survey uses 16 antennas and covers roughly 2000 square degrees, divided into 68 tiled locations that we observe for 200 minutes each. We used a centre frequency of 912 MHz and 240 MHz of bandwidth to make the following image from a single beam (roughly 1/36th of ASKAP's full field of view) of one of the first observed regions, showing hundreds of galaxies and several sources with interesting extended structure.

The ASKAP continuum science working group have been using this small area of the survey to tune the ASKAP imaging pipeline parameters in order to optimise the quality of the image before processing the rest of the data and completing the remaining observations.