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"[duchamp-user]" [Duchamp] New release: 1.1.9

From: <Matthew.Whiting_at_email.protected>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 16:33:39 +1100

Gday all,

This email is to let you know that a new version of Duchamp is
available. This is a largely incremental update, with some new
features and a few bug fixes.

New options available include: the ability to save the moment-0 map
as a FITS file; more flexibility as to when sources are merged and
rejected; more flexibility in how the searching is done (1D searches
vs 2D). Bug fixes include: fixing occasional memory leaks and other
related errors when saving large FITS masks; an error in the median
calculation; fixing compilation errors arising with gcc-4.3 & above.

The new code is available for download from the usual place:
and any feedback (which is always welcome!) should be done via the
Trac wiki:
Note that some of the new features were implemented directly as the
result of suggestions from users (thanks to Tobias Westmeier in

Finally, I should advertise a workshop we will be holding at ATNF on
April 29th, on Source Finding Challenges for ASKAP. The aim is to
have a few talks in the morning to present particular source finding
challenges & solutions from both past surveys and planned ASKAP
surveys, and then to have discussion sessions in the afternoon to
talk about what needs to be done to solve the source finding problems
for the future surveys. If you are interested in attending, let me
know - the program is pretty full, but we welcome input in the

Happy Finding!

Matt Whiting.
     *     | Dr. Matthew Whiting
*         | CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility
        *  | PO Box 76, Epping NSW, 1710, Australia
      '    | ph: +61-2-93724683    fax: +61-2-93724406
           | Email: Matthew.Whiting_at_csiro.<!--nospam-->au
    *      | Web:
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