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ATNF Mailing List Archives

Historical lists

These are no longer used, but are kept for posterity.

MNRF options discussion (MNRF)
APT Technical Working Group (apt-twg)
ATNF at-forum Exploder (at-forum)
Beyond 2000 - Future Astronomical Goals (beyond-2000)
DSimplementation (dsimplementation)
E-Commerce Report (ecommerce)
Galaxy Groups Discussion (galgroup)
Interference Mitigation Memos (im-memos)
Interference Mitigation (intmit)
AAO/ATNF Joint Symposium (jsymp)
a test list (kams-list)
(Linux) Laptop Owners (laptop-owners)
Large Datasets Initiative (ldi)
ATCA Millimetre Science Workshop (mmwkshp)
Parkes High-Latitude Pulsar Survey (phsurv)
Parkes MultiBeam Pulsar Survey (pmsurv)
SKA Configuration Options (ska_config)
SKA Molonglo Project (skamp)
Year 2000 Preparation (y2k)