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FW: AstroGrid launches new web site as electronic collaboration s pace for project and community

From: <Ray.Norris_at_email.protected>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:18:28 +1100


I've deleted the MS-word and text attachments to save space, and include
only the html attachment.



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>From: Tony Linde [mailto:tol_at_EmailProtected]
>Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 2002 01:26
>To: Peter Quinn; Benoit Pirenne; Roy Williams; Ray Norris; Fionn
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>Cc: Andrew Lawrence; Nicholas Walton
>Subject: AstroGrid launches new web site as electronic collaboration
>space for project and community
>As a fellow contributor to activities in the virtual
>observatory, grid and
>e-Science domains, we wanted to make you aware of major changes to the
>AstroGrid project's web presence. We have made available a number of
>web-based tools which facilitate collaboration: specifically
>on AstroGrid
>itself; and, more generally, in the domains mentioned above.
>I have attached an announcement about these changes and the
>that the new tools afford. The announcement is provided in
>text, html and MS
>Word formats. We would be grateful if you would make this announcement
>available to visitors to your own website.
>As part of these changes, we have changed the main domain for
>our site from
> to, so our main website is at:
>and the collaborative tools are at:
>If you could update your links to AstroGrid, we would be grateful.
>Finally, if there is any way in which we can help to drive
>traffic to your
>sites, please let me know (you can find a link to your site at:
> And if you want to make
>use of our new
>tools to assist in your own community building efforts,
>please feel free to
>do so; again, if there is anything I can do to help, please
>contact me.
>Best wishes,
>Tony Linde Phone: +44 (0)116 223 1292
>AstroGrid Project Manager Fax: +44 (0)116 252 3311
>Dept of Physics & Astronomy Mobile: +44 (0)7753 603356
>University of Leicester Email: tol_at_EmailProtected
>Leicester, UK LE1 7RH Web:


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