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Non-member submission from ["Sergei Gulyaev" <sergei.gulyaev&#64;>] (fwd)

From: <Tasso.Tzioumis_at_email.protected>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:16:21 +1000 (EST)

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:12:37 +1200
From: "Sergei Gulyaev" <>
To: <>, <>
Cc: "Tim Natusch" <>, <>
Subject: Re: LBA schedule: comments?
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Dear Jim,

Thank you for allocating time for our test.
Abbreviation "NZ" sounds correct for the moment :(

The goal of the test is to get fringes. This is just a 6m antenna, so
we really need to observe a very bright continuous spectrum source. On
18 cm and with 2000 km baseline the size of the source shouldn't be
much greater than 10 mas. At the same time it should be visible during
the time slots allocated for our tests. We would appreciate advice.


>>>Jim Lovell <> 03/29/05 17:19 PM >>>
Hi everyone,

Attached is a first attempt at an LBA block schedule for May. I'd like
to get a near-final version out tomorrow so I'd appreciate any
as soon as possible please. Some notes/questions:

* Please let me know of any scheduling clashes I might have missed
* Observatories, please let me know if I've allowed enough time for
receiver changes etc.
* There is no 12mm scheduled!
* 4h test time scheduled at the start. Sorry I couldn't make it any
* To allow an extra character for version numbers but to keep it to
than 6 characters (a VEX restriction?) test experiments names have
changed. e.g VT002d1 is now VT02d1
* 1h scheduled before each experiment for fringe checking (VT02
* there will be a 5h disk-based imaging test (VT01i1)
* Currently there are two short test experiments scheduled with New
Zealand (VT03 series). these can be moved around within the gaps if
required. There is no suitable short overlapping Tid allocations I'm
afraid. Is there a name for the antenna? Currently it's "NZ" which
(hopefully) is a bit too generic.
* The "V179/V181" time interleaves observations for these two
A single schedule file will be provided and tapes will be shared.
Steven, please note that Mars Odyssey requested the first 25min of the
Tid allocation, so Tid now starts 25min later.

Jim Lovell,                             
ATNF c/o RSAA, Mt Stromlo Observatory,            Ph: (02) 6125 6715
Cotter Road, Weston ACT 2611                      Fax: (02) 6125 0260
Australia                                         Mobile: 0412 127364
At Tidbinbilla Ph (02) 6201 7869 (RA Lab), x7800 (switch),
Received on 2005-03-29 20:16:38