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Fwd: First Announcement: 6th annual DIFX users and developers meeting

From: <Chris.Phillips_at_email.protected>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 13:12:17 +1000

Hi all

I have forward a copy of the first announcement of the 6th DIFX users meeting which will be held in Sydney in late September. I thought there might be people interested in coming who are not on the DIFX mailing lists. the meeting is aimed at DIFX users (2 days) and DIFX developers (3 days of hack-a-thon).

If you have not been to a DIFX meeting and have questions, feel free to ask me any questions.


>From: "Phillips, Chris (CASS, Marsfield)" <Chris.Phillips_at_csiro.<!--nospam-->au>
>Date: 2 April 2012 12:09:54 PM AEST
>To: "difx-users_at_googlegroups.<!--nospam-->com" <difx-users_at_googlegroups.<!--nospam-->com>
>Dear DiFX Users,
>The 6th annual DiFX users and developers meeting will be held during the week
>of 24-28th September 2012 hosted by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (ATNF)
>in Sydney.
>The format of the meeting will be similar to previous workshops:
>We will begin with 2 days focused on users, with status updates from
>both users and developers, operational demonstrations and time for
>discussion, troubleshooting and hands-on experience setting up and
>running DiFX. The rest of the week will be allocated to code development,
>documentation, and forward planning for active code developers. It is
>expected that those not actively involved in development may wish
>to attend only for the first few days.
>A meeting page has been set up on the DiFX wiki at
>If you would like to attend, please register by following the link on the wiki,
>and entering the requested information.
>Note that ATNF is able to assist with booking accommodation, with details
>on the wiki. Please make it clear you are visiting for the DIFX meeting.a
Received on 2012-05-03 13:12:52