ATUC Meeting Agenda


19/20 March 2001

Lecture Theatre, ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield
(Teleconference: x4610)

Open Session: Monday, 19th of March

*** Session Begins 10:30 ***

Welcome & Introduction Anne Green 10min
Director's Report Ron Ekers 30min
Opportunities in the Government's Innovation Statement Ray Norris 20min
Observatory Reports
Dave McConnell 20min
John Reynolds 20min

*** Lunch Break 12:30-13:30 ***

Future Development Plans John Brooks 20min
SKA Update - first Australian consortium meeting Ron Ekers 10min
"Methanol Multibeam" - 6GHz MB system for Parkes & Jodrell Bank Jim Caswell 10min
22GHz MB system for Parkes Lister Staveley-Smith 10min
Polarimetry with the LBA Roopesh Ojha 10min
Millimetre Program
  • Current status and milestones
    • antenna efficiency
    • LO distribution
Mike Kesteven,
Mark Leach
  • Immediate & near-term Science Possibilities
Bärbel Koribalski 10min

*** Tea Break 15:00-15:30 ***

Large Survey Projects -- Possibilities
  • 22 GHz explorer: all-sky, fast, 1 baseline
  • 1.4 GHz deep: selected areas, matched to optical surveys
  • 1.4 GHz wide: southern extension of NVSS
Elaine Sadler 20min
Virtual Observatory Dave McConnell 10min
Next generation spectral line correlator Ray Norris 10min
Public Outreach Program - new webmaster Andrew Wright 5min
Sensistivity Calculators for ATCA Steven Tingay 5min
AIPS++ project status Neil Killeen 10min

*** Session Ends 17:00 ***

Closed Session: Tuesday, 20th of March

starting at 9:30am - ATNF, Lecture Theatre


  • Apologies
  • Matters Arising from Director's Response
  • Additional agenda items


  1. What is ATUC's reaction to improvements in availability of accomodation?
  2. How effective are our Key Performance Indicators (item 3, previous meeting)
    Do we wish to refine the reporting system?
  3. What is the view of ATUC on the level of support provided at Mopra?
  4. Is ATUC happy with the steps taken to provide sensitivity calculators and calibrator information?
  5. What is ATUC's view of the concept of an online archive of ATCA data, along the lines of the HST archive? Is there interest in developing such a facility into a Virtual Observatory?
  6. With the success of the film "The Dish" and the opening of the new Visitor Centre at Parkes, what is ATUC's view of guided tours of the Parkes telescope?
  7. Science priority for new/revisited proposals (no particular order here):

    • ATCA commitment to large/public survey programmes generally

    • VLBI polarimetry proposal

    • Parkes 6 GHz multibeam system

    • Parkes 22 GHz multibeam system
  8. Can the committee make suggestions for new ATUC members?

  9. *** Discussion Ends 16:15 ***

  10. Report to Director

*** Session Ends 17:00 ***