ATUC Meeting

at the ATNF in Epping, Sydney

- March 19/20, 2001 -

Please find below a listing of all attending members and speakers at the ATUC meeting.

List of participants:

Name Affiliation
Balasubramanyam, Ramesh UNSW
Barnes, David USwin
Bignall, Hayley UAde
Corbett, Elisabeth AAO
Ellingsen, Simon UTas
Green, Anne (Chair) USyd
Jackson, Carole RASS
Jauncey, Dave ATNF
Lineweaver, Charley UNSW
McIntyre, Vince (Secretary) ATNF
Muller, Erik UWol
Sood, Ravi ADFA
Walker, Mark USyd/ATNF

Apologies were received from the following ATUC members:
Chapman, Jessica ATNF

Proposed list of speakers:

Name Affiliation
Brooks, John ATNF
Caswell, Jim ATNF
Cornwell, Tim NRAO
Ekers, Ron ATNF
Hall, Peter ATNF
McConnell, Dave ATNF
Norris, Ray ATNF
Ojha, Roopesh ATNF
Reynolds, John ATNF
Sadler, Elaine Usyd
Kesteven, Mike ATNF