ATUC Meeting Agenda


5/6 November 2002

Lecture Theatre, ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield
(Teleconference: x4612 Tue/Wed)

Open Session: Tuesday 5th of November

Session Begins 10:00
Welcome & Introduction Carole Jackson 10min
Observatory Reports
Bob Sault 30min
John Reynolds 25min
Tasso Tzioumis 5min
Tea Break,  11:10 - 11:25
Citation of ATNF publications Jessica Chapman 10min
Length of observing terms at ATNF observatories Jessica Chapman 10min
Future Development Plans Warwick Wilson 20min
Director's Report Ron Ekers 30min
Lunch Break,  12:45 - 13:30
---- Australian SKA - MNRF2 and Beyond ----
Joint Session with Australian SKA Committee
Introduction Elaine Sadler 5min
Update on the international scene
  • ISSC plans, SKA status
Ron Ekers 20min
  • LOFAR plans and timelines
Michelle Storey 10min
  • Whitepapers Replace Blank Sheets:
    International and Australian SKA Directions
Peter Hall 30min
MNRF2 Plans
  • ATNF SKA demonstrator options
Ron Ekers 15min
  • The SKAMP Project - an update and future plans
Anne Green 15min
Tea Break,  15:15 - 15:30
MNRF2 Plans (cont)
  • New signal processing & correlator technologies
John Bunton 15min
  • Technological options for Australian SKA demonstrator projects (photonics)
Ron Beresford 15min
Science with the SKA
  • A low frequency SKA for high redshift science
Frank Briggs 20min
  • The future of radio astronomy: A baseband recorder with an in-built supercomputer
Matthew Bailes 20min
Brief discussion & wrap up Carole Jackson
Peter Hall
Elaine Sadler

Session Ends 17:15

Business Session: Wednesday 6th of November

starting at 9:30am - ATNF, Lecture Theatre


  • Apologies
  • Matters Arising from Director's Response
  • Additional agenda items


  1. Review of usefulness of Future Developments document.
  2. Does ATUC consider the safety training procedures at the observatories are adequate?
  3. Does ATUC consider that it would be a useful improvement in feedback on observing proposals if each of the TAC members gave a brief comment (or a numerical score) on each observing proposal that they review, to be included with the letter advising on the outcome of the application?
  4. What are ATUC's recommendations regarding the future of mm/cm swap programs?
  5. Does ATUC consider that the ATNF should aim to increase collaborations and joint publications with other CSIRO Divisions?
  6. Does ATUC consider it preferable for the ATNF to change to 6-month observing terms, or to remain with the current 4-month observing terms?
  7. Should ATUC request a review of the documentation provided to Duty Astronomers at Narrabri?

  8. Additional Agenda Items

  9. Does ATUC support holding a Synthesis Imaging workshop in May 2003, aimed at 3-mm synthesis imaging observations?
  10. Does ATUC support the opening up of remote observing to experienced overseas observers, as long as equal amount of DA duty is completed ?
  11. The HI Multibeam instrument will require repairs and upgrade work within the next year. This will entail about 6 weeks of downtime for the instrument. Can ATUC suggest an optimal time for this work to be undertaken?
  12. The cost of paper journal subscriptions for the observatory libraries is substantial, and in most cases the same material is available electronically. Does ATUC have any recommendations as to which paper subscriptions should be maintained?
  13. Is ATUC concerned about the level of VLBI facility support, in view of recent staff changes?
  14. Can ATUC offer any ideas how to increase the impact of ATNF science and citation rates ?
  15. In 2003, the ATCA 3-mm system will be the same as 2002 season. Can ATUC offer suggestions on how to best exploit the pre-ALMA window ?
  16. Does ATUC see a conflict between ATNF external projects vs internal National Facility upgrades ?
  17. At the direction of the Steering Committee, the ATNF Director is no longer the chair of the ATNF Time Assignment Committee. This may affect the reporting of feedback from the TAC to the user community. Does ATUC have any concerns or comments on this development?
  18. How does ATUC recommend the user community be kept updated re SKA and ATNF SKA demonstrator developments?
  19. What is ATUC's recommendation with regard to ATNF involvement in LOFAR?
  20. Does ATUC consider it useful to have a compilation of ATAC proposal statistics available to the community?
  21. Does ATUC have any concerns about the operational status of the Mopra telescope?
  22. Format and date for next meeting.
  23. Report to Director

Lunch 12:30 - 13:30
Business Session Ends 17:00