ATUC Meeting Agenda


3/4 March 2003

Lecture Theatre, ATNF Headquarters, Marsfield
(Teleconference: x4610 Mon)
( x4612 Tue)

Teleconference number has changed: x4610, on Monday

Open Session: Monday 3rd of March

Session Begins 10:30
Welcome & Introduction Carole Jackson 10min
Observatory Reports
Bob Sault 30min
John Reynolds 20min
Tasso Tzioumis 10min
Director's Report Ron Ekers 30min
Lunch Break,  12:30 - 13:30
Special Item

Dr. Ron Sandland, the Deputy CEO of CSIRO, will be making a staff presentation to explain the next step in the process of appointing a new ATNF Director. All Observatory staff, Marsfield staff and AT users are welcome to attend.
Ron Sandland 15min
Future Development Plans Warwick Wilson 20min
LOFAR update Michelle Storey 10min
Science with SKA Demonstrators Ron Ekers 10min
Virtual Observatory project update Robin Wark 10min
ATCA User's Guide Jess O'Brien 10min
Network access changes Vince McIntyre 5min
Tea Break,  15:15 - 15:30

Business Session: Monday 3rd of March

starting at 15:30 - ATNF, Lecture Theatre


  • Apologies
  • Matters Arising from Director's Response

    • Review PKS instrumentation availability during NASA Mars tracking period
      (2003 Sept - 2004 March)

  • Additional agenda items

Session Ends 17:15

Business Session: Tuesday 4th of March

starting at 9:30am - ATNF, Lecture Theatre


  1. Does ATUC have any comment to make on the new configuration of the remote observing station at Marsfield?

  2. Does ATUC have any comment on the policy of expiring the proprietry period for NAPA and ToOs which do not publish (circulars etc) within 1 week of observation.

  3. Does ATUC have any suggestions for the scheduling/operation of the ATCA during the IAU GA in July ? What about PKS, Mopra & VLBI ?

  4. ATUC suggests there should be some effort to get information out to the user community re the NASA tracking period and time involved.

  5. Does ATUC have any view on which receivers should be attended to next ? Is there any demand for the SETI receiver?

  6. a) Is SPC supported at the correct level ?

  7. b) Does ATUC consider it a priority issue to standardise and support single dish software ?

  8. Can ATUC suggest a solution to notifying users of expired VLBI proposals ?

  9. Does ATUC have any concerns re the possible movement of VLBI to U Tas ?

  10. Radio Quiet Zones. Given the GreenBank experience, the management of a RQZ would require 1 FTE, does ATUC consider this is a good use of resources ?

  11. Does ATUC want to comment on the issue of "Guaranteed time" for Australian astronomers *if* LOFAR is sited in WA ?
  12. Request Mopra report for Nov 2003 meeting.

  13. Format and date for next meeting.

  14. Report to Director

Lunch 12:30 - 13:30
Business Session Ends 17:00