ATUC Meeting

at the Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra

- March 20, 1998 -

Please find below a listing of all attending members and speakers at the ATUC meeting.

List of participants:

Name Affiliation Presentation-Title
Allen, Lori UNSW UNSW mm-workshop, Mopra funding status
Bicknell, Geoff MSSSO
Britton, Matthew USwin
Brooks, Kate UNSW
Costa, Marco UTas
Gaensler, Bryan USyd
Gibson, Brad MSSSO
Green, Anne (President) USyd
Jones, Paul UWS
Killeen, Neil ATNF
Koribalski, Bärbel (Secretary) ATNF
Smith, Craig ADFA
Wieringa, Mark ATNF
Wright, Alan ATNF
Brooks, John ATNF ``Future Development Report''
" ``Special Executive Funding''
Jauncey, Dave ATNF ``VLBI Report''
McConnell, Dave ATNF ``ATCA/Mopra Report''
Manchester, Dick ATNF ``10/50-cm Receiver for Parkes''
Price, Marcus ATNF ``Parkes Report''

Apologies were received from the following ATUC members:
Bland-Hawthorn, Joss (AAO)
Heisler, Charlene (MSSSO)
Sevenster, Maartje (currently at Leiden University, at MSSSO from April 1998)