ATUC Meeting

at the ATNF in Epping, Sydney

- March 23, 1999 -

Please find below a listing of all attending members at the coming ATUC meeting.

List of participants:

Name Affiliation
Britton, Matthew USwin
Bourke, Tyler AAO/ATNF
Chapman, Jessica AAO/ATNF
Costa, Marco UTas
Green, Anne (Chair) USyd
Jauncey, Dave ATNF
Jones, Paul UWS
Koribalski, Bärbel (Secretary) ATNF
Lineweaver, Charley UNSW
Rayner, Dave UTas
Sevenster, Maartje MSSSO
Stewart, Ian ATNF
Wieringa, Mark ATNF

Apologies were received from the following ATUC members:
Putman, Mary MSSSO
Smith, Craig ADFAO

List of speakers:

Name Affiliation
Reynolds, John ATNF
Killeen, Neil ATNF
Staveley-Smith, Lister ATNF
Hall, Peter ATNF
Subrahmanyan, Ravi ATNF