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Australian ALMA community workshop. Feb 6-7, 2012

09:30 Mon 06 Feb to 04:00 Tue 07 Feb 2012



In preparation for the upcoming ALMA call for Cycle 1 proposals we are planning a 2-day ALMA workshop for the Australian community. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss:

* ALMA's Cycle 1 Capabilities
* Support for successful Australian-led proposals
* Science projects that take advantage of ALMA's unique capabilities

Day one of the workshop will focus on talks from ALMA experts on the current status, expected Cycle 1 capabilities, early science results, and user support centres. Day two will focus on ALMA science projects in the form of both invited and contributed talks. We would like these talks to focus on both early science with ALMA and future science projects that make use of ALMA's unique capabilities.

This workshop will also provide a way to measure local interest in ALMA and highlight future science projects. It presents a great opportunity for the community to learn about this new facility, to meet some of the key people involved, and to discuss future projects utilising ALMA. We encourage everyone to attend, especially students.

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Jill Rathborne

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