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LBA annual Operations and Technical meeting

09:00 Tue 21 Feb to 17:30 Wed 22 Feb 2012

CASS Marsfield - Faraday Room


The Long Baseline Array (LBA) holds an annual operations and technical meeting to discuss and review the previous year of VLBI operations. This meeting is open to all. The emphasis is on operational issues and the outcome is a list of action items to improve and streamline LBA operations.

The next such meeting will be held on 21st and 22nd February 2012, in Sydney.

The first day (Tuesday 21 Feb 2012) at Marsfield will cover the whole range of LBA operational issues, from proposals and scheduling to observations, correlation and new technical developments.

The morning of Wedn 22 Feb 2012 will be devoted to discussion of networking and eVLBI and will be hosted by AARNet in North Ryde (transportation will be provided).

In the afternoon of Wedn 22 Feb there will be a special session at Marsfield to discuss improved access to VLBA time and how best to utilise it.

Details are on the LBA Wiki at:

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Tasso Tzioumis

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