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Anna D. Kapinska (University of Portsmouth)

Evolution of radio galaxies and their impact on the evolving Universe -- Anna D. Kapinska Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 28 Nov 2012


Radio galaxies and quasars are among the largest and most powerful single objects known, and are believed to have had a significant impact on the evolving Universe and its large scale structure. Since their jets inject significant amount of energy into the surrounding medium the knowledge of physical parameters of these sources are crucial for understanding AGN feedback in galaxy clusters. In this study I focus on one type of radio galaxies, Fanaroff-Riley II (FR II), which form a group of relatively simple systems to model, hence allow us to link the observed radio lobe and jet luminosity densities and their linear sizes to fundamental properties such as kinetic luminosities and lifetimes of activity of these radio sources. More importantly, it can be done on a population basis covering a wide range of redshifts. In this talk I will shortly present the method we used (Monte Carlo simulations), and I will focus on the implications of our results regarding AGN feedback. I will also discuss degeneracies we arrived at and methods to proceed (radio observations).


Sebastian Haan

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