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Astroinformatics - Knowledge from Data

09:00 Mon 09 Dec to 17:00 Fri 13 Dec 2013

CASS Marsfield


Astroinformatics is an exciting new discipline that has emerged at the intersection of astronomy/astrophysics and applied computer science and engineering, arising from the need to address the challenges and opportunities of exponential growth of data volumes, rates, and complexity from next-generation telescopes.

This years Astroinformatics conference will focus on the emerging science area of e-Science in astronomy, and will include invited talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions, informal group discussions and introductory tutorials for those interested. The conference aims to achieve the following goals:
* Provide a forum for the discussion and presentation of new ideas in astroinformatics

* Form collaborations between e-astronomers, e-scientists, engineers and computer scientists, from different institutions, disciplines, organisations, universities, and research and commercial organisations

* Help generate the techniques that we will need to deliver the cutting-edge science from next-generation telescopes.

Invited speakers so far include:
Brian Schmidt (ANU): Discovering the unexpected in large surveys
Tony Hey (Microsoft): Talk topic TBC
Alex Szalay (Johns Hopkins University): Mining the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Tim Cornwell (International Head of SKA Computing): SKA and the Exaflop
Matthew Graham (Caltech): Talk topic TBC
Tara Murphy (The University of Sydneyk): Talk topic TBC
Chris Fluke (Swinburne University): Talk topic TBC

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