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A NASA Triple Header: Three Space Missions

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
10:30-11:30 Thu 21 May 2015


NASA's robotic exploration of the Universe
Speakers: General Larry James and the Mission Project Leads
(Suzanne Dodd, Dan Johnston, Druce Banerdt, Sarah Milkovich)

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is NASA's key laboratory for the robotic
exploration of the solar system. Deputy Director JPL Larry James will
introduce the space flight mission managers for the Voyager, Spitzer, Mars
Reconnaissance Observer and Insight projects taking through the scientific
discoveries from Mars and beyond. Voyager is now the most distant object in
space having passed the heliopause in 2012, the Spitzer space telescope has
catalogued the discovery of planets around other stars, Mars Recon continues
to survey the surface of mars and relay data from the curiosity rover while
Insight will land on Mars around 2020 to continue the work of the current
suite of rovers. The scientific discoveries and engineering challenges for
these missions and their futures will be presented at the this colloquium.


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