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ATCA Legacy Projects -- Call for Expressions of Interest

CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science intends to implement a program of ATCA Legacy Projects from the 2016OCT semester. Legacy Projects will be large, coherent science investigations, not reproducible by any combination of smaller projects, that generate data of general and lasting importance to the broad astronomy community. ATCA Legacy Projects will typically require more than 2000 hours over the lifetime of the project, with the expectation of over 300 hours to be allocated per semester.

This call is part of the process to gauge the level of community interest and to assist CASS in ensuring appropriate arrangements are in place to conduct Legacy Projects. Submitted Expressions of Interest will be publicly available, enabling teams to consider options for merging, data sharing or commensal observing, and for other astronomers to register their interest in joining a team.

Expressions of Interest are neither binding nor mandatory, but for the reasons given above are strongly encouraged. If there is a sufficient level of interest, CASS will organize a one-day workshop in April for the community to discuss ideas for Legacy Projects in more detail.

The Expression of Interest is a free-format document which should be no more than two pages, and which should address as concisely as possible the following points:
* (Provisional) Title
* Point of contact
* Scientific aims (~half-a-page)
* Number of objects, or area of sky
* LST range(s)
* Frequency(/ies)
* CABB mode(s)
* Array Configuration(s)
* Observing strategy
* Required Sensitivity
* Approximate number of hours in total, and per semester
* Indicative resources/Representative team members & skills available
* Specific team expertise not yet identified or non-standard ATCA capability required

Expressions of Interest should be submitted as a pdf file to by 5pm AEDT, Wednesday March 9th, 2016. Submitted Expressions of Interest will be made publicly available from the ATNF website before the end of March.

Added by Phil Edwards on 2015-12-22

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