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Yeshe Fenner (AAL)

Yeshe Fenner: Astronomy Australia Ltd: Update on current activities and future plans

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 20 Apr 2016

Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) is an independent not-for-profit
company that has invested over 100M since 2007 to advance the vision that
astronomers in Australia will have access to the best astronomical research
infrastructure. The goals of AAL are to implement the infrastructure
priorities of the Decadal Plan, advise the Government on new astronomy
infrastructure investments, and manage some of those investments. This talk
gives an update on the current status of AAL-supported project and
facilities. We will also discuss AAL's future plans and opportunities in the
context of the Government's recently announced long-term NCRIS research
infrastructure program, astronomy governance discussions that are underway,
and the new Decadal Plan.


Juan Madrid

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