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CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA): Version 1.1 release

We advise that version 1.1 of CASDA is now available. This includes several new features for science users. The main changes compared to version 1.0 (released Nov 2015) are:

a) Scripted access to large data files via Virtual Observatory (VO) protocols, including authenticated access

b) 3-d image cube cut-outs including spatial, spectral and polarisation filtering

c) Example script for producing bulk image cut-outs based on a catalogue

d) Team member access to unreleased data products via VO protocols

e) Support for direct transfers within Pawsey Supercomputing Centre for users with Pawsey accounts

f) Administration of project roles (e.g. allocation of validation rights for a project)

We are pleased to advise that CASDA is meeting all its performance specifications including the ability to deposit up to 25 TB of data per day. The CASDA team will be continuing to make further upgrades over coming months.

To get started with using CASDA, and for other CSIRO radio astronomy archives please see the link below.

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Added by Jessica Chapman on 2016-02-12

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